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Very nice guide that I use now to improve my finger drumming hip hop skills, thanks you very much for this bro! You have to make Hip Hop Drum Patterns #2 please! 🤣

Better Taste

Definitely Helped out a lot. Definitely worth the money. The drum maps are great! They are Clear and Easy to Read. Tons and tons of information and really helped my comfort level programming drums for Hip Hop. Gave me a great starting point to work from. I also really like that there is a section on Trap drums.. Thanks!


This was exactly what I looked for to get started creating my own stuff. I can really recommend it for people who want to create their own ideas but just need some inspiration. Don't want inspiration? No problem, just try some of the patterns, copy and paste into your tracks and you'll be really happy with the result.


This is exactly what I needed to take my drums to the next level. It's great using this as a jumping off point to lay something down, then tweak it and experiment.


What a guide! i always stuck to a few drum patterns that I liked and didn't really have any other go-to patterns. This guide has been a tremendous help. Definitely recommend it.

Los Angeles, CA

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Stick to only a few drum patterns because that's what you know? These guides help you break out your comfort zone and create more amazing drum patterns.