HipHop Drum Guides

Create amazing drum loops.

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Producers Struggle With Productivity

Producers run into beat block and it's hard to move forward. We solved this. The drum guides give you the formula to create more music in less time.

  • Natalie

    "Thanks very much, this little pdf is a
    life saver, I have been toying around with drums for so long &
    couldn't get it right! I definitely needed this extra bit of help."


  • Leroy

    "Not going lie, this is going to really help me. That you so much for this guide" 


  • Archie

    "Love the samples and the pattern guide was a brilliant idea, it’s really helping me get over the slump I’m in!" 


How The Drum Guides Work

A pattern in the book shows you how to program it in your DAW (the software you use to make music). Below is an example from the Boom Bap Drum Guide. This drum pattern shows you where and when to place your kicks, snares, and percussion:


That pattern above is this drum beat after you program it into your DAW: