HipHop Drum Pattern Guide

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50 Drum Patterns Book | HipHop Drum Beats to Boost Your Creative Output

What Do You Get?

1. A digital reference guide with 50 Drum Patterns to program in your DAW. These are all purpose hiphop drum beats. Each pattern comes with one variation so in total you get 100 drum patterns.

2. To go along with the drum guide, included in this purchase is LoFi Drums Vol 01: 100 Kicks, 100 Snares, 100 Percussion.

3. You also get Dumb Chops & Loops Vol. 01. It includes 75 chops and loops plus five drum kits.


"Not going lie, this is going to really help me. Thank you so much for this guide💯💯"  - Leroy 


"Definitely Helped out a lot. Definitely worth the money. The drum maps are great! They are Clear and Easy to Read. Tons and tons of information and really helped my comfort level programming drums for Hip Hop. Gave me a great starting point to work from."  - Jared 



Save Time
100 patterns (50 patterns, each pattern includes one variation for 100 total) to quickly get started producing beats. Program these into your DAW or drum machine of choice and save them for when you need to bang out some beats.

Save Money
No need to constantly buy drum loops. Make your own using this guide.

Boost Your Creative Output
No need to come up with a full idea from scratch. Have a dope melody you want to work on but don't want to waste time messing with drums. Use this guide to knock that drum pattern out.

Start with the pattern and adapt to your style and needs.

Free Updates Forever
You get all future versions of the Drum Pattern Guide for free.


"Love the samples and the pattern guide was a brilliant idea, it’s really helping me get over the slump I’m in!"  - Archie 



Product Details

This is a digital PDF (not a physical book) that includes 100 drum machine patterns. Can be viewed on phones, tablets, and desktop.

Most Producers Struggle With Productivity

It can be trying to get an idea out, or getting the drum pattern right. Most producers run into beat block and it's hard to move forward. This far too often happens when trying to get your drums right.

We solved this for hundreds of producers and we can solve it for you. The drum guides give you the answer - the formula if you will - to creating more music in less time.



What Happens When I Use These Guides

  • You won't get stuck making drum patterns again.
  • You'll at least double the amount of beats you make.
  • You'll finish more beats.
  • You won't have beat block.
  • You'll be more productive and produce more music.
  • Your sound will evolve.


Works In Any DAW

Q + A

How do I download my files after purchase?
Immediately after your purchase you'll be shown a download link to your digital PDF. We'll also email you the link so you'll always have it.

Do I Need Special Software To Use This? 

Nope, just a program to read PDFs which is pretty much on any phone, tablet, desktop device.

How long do I have to access my downloads?
Forever. Simply log in to your account and download again.

How do I get updates?
You get all future versions of the Drum Pattern Guide for free. We'll email you when we add more. Simply log in to your account and download again.

If I have any issue who do I contact?
You can always email us at hello@rudemuzik with any questions/concerns/feedback


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