About Us

Yo I'm Coleman, but you can call me Cole

Growing up I fell in love with hip hop when I first heard Headbanger by EPMD (It was Redman's verse that did it). My first album I bought was Midnight Marauders by A Tribe Called Quest.


When I got my first real 9-5 job (ie when I really started making money) I bought a mac and started making beats in Garageband.

Working a 9-5 and trying to make beats from scratch turned out to be time consuming. I found myself relying on the same drum patterns and the same sounds just to speed up the process.

So I documented a few drum patterns and whenever I fired up Logic (yeah I upgraded) I would flip through these drum patterns to jumpstart the beatmaking process

I shared this with some friends and they loved it. So I'm half beatmaker and half entrepreneur so naturally I thought I could make a business out of this. So here we are.

My drum guides have helped hundreds of producers.

And now I'm growing by adding sample packs and VSTs are in the near future