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R&B Drum Guide

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R & B Drum Guide: Drum Patterns and Guide in the R&B Style

What's Included?

A PDF guide packed with R&B drum patterns to program in your DAW. You get basic patterns, core patterns, patterns with ghost notes, and advanced patterns. 41 patterns total, each pattern is 8 bars total. Plus, enough for you to create your own R&B drum patterns. This is a digital PDF file and not a physical book.

These are R&b Drum Patterns inspired by popular R&B artists and producers including: SZA, Summer Walker, Jazmine Sullivan, H.E.R., Teyana Taylor, Snoh Alegra, Kehlani, and more.

Sections Include:

    • Simple R&B drum patterns
    • Core R&B drum patterns (a bit more advanced than the simple drum patterns)
    • Ghost Notes - R&B drum patterns with ghost notes (a big part of R&B drums)
    • Complex R&B drum patterns
    • Tips make the best R&B tracks


    Free With Purchase: R&B Drum Pack (normally $15, it's free with purchase of the R&B Drum Guide).

    Most Producers Struggle With Productivity

    It can be tough to get an idea out, or getting the drum pattern
    right. Most producers run into beat block and it's hard to move forward.
    This far too often happens when trying to get your drums right.

    We solved this for hundreds of producers and we can solve it for you.
    The drum guides give you the answer - the formula if you will - to
    creating more music in less time.

    • Grateful

      "I bought your trap and hiphop guides yesterday, and I'm very grateful to have them as a resource on my music-making journey."


    • Awesome

      "The guide is awesome! You really did a fantastic job putting this together."


    • Ideas

      "just copped the boombap drum guide and I really like it for setting up presets drum patterns for the ideas to come out."


    How The Drum Guides Work

    A pattern in the book shows you how to program it in your DAW (the software you use to make music). Below is an example from the Boom Bap Drum Guide. This drum pattern shows you where and when to place your kicks, snares, and percussion:


    That pattern above is this drum beat after you program it into your DAW:

    Drum Guide Bundle Pricing

    When you buy more than one guide you save. Check out the bundle pricing below and all the drum guides here.

    Drum Guide Bundle Pricing

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    Make More Music In Less Time

    These guides help you make more music in less time. Boost your productivity and beat output with these drum guides