LoFi Drum Patterns: Key Patterns for LoFi Beats [PDF] [MIDI] [Audio]

LoFi Drum Patterns: Key Patterns for LoFi Beats [PDF] [MIDI] [Audio]

LoFi drum patterns are simple yet complex. Nailing your drum pattern is key to crafting a great lofi beat.

Whether you’re making lofi beats to chill to, study to, or work to, follow these patterns to get your lofi drum patterns right.

These 5 lofi drum patterns that can serve as a foundation for your LoFi beats. You can use these as is, build on them, or remix them.

I’ll lay out a pattern with an image and then add in an audio file so you can hear it.

01 Extra One

This pattern is pretty basic and straightforward but gets the job done. If you’re just starting out, this is a solid one to start with and you can’t go wrong.

It’s a nice kick, snare, hi-hat pattern with an extra kick and hat thrown in here and there to mix it up and give a nice lofi vibe.


Extra One - LoFi Drum Pattern

02 LoFi Groove [LoFi Drum Patterns With A Bop]

This closed hi-hat pattern here keeps the beat moving. You want to keep the volume of these hats relatively the same and at a decent level.

You can keep the kicks and snares simple and this will give you a nice lofi drum pattern to make lofi beats.

If you want to make lofi drum patterns that aren’t too laid back or too slow (b/c sometimes they can be! 😬) - use a a pattern like this to establish the groove.


LoFi Drum Grooves Drum Pattern

03 Stop And Go

The shaker adds a nice touch to this lofi beat. But, I switched it up and used a perc FX instead for this one. These guides are great, but this is a reminder it's ok to make a few switches here and there. What makes it unique is the brief pauses that gives it a stop and go, breathe and stop, type feel.


Stop And Go Drum Pattern

04 Ride With Me [R&B LoFi Drum Pattern]

This pattern is a bit based of R&B. The ride adds a nice touch that fills out the lofi drum pattern and gives a nice chill vibe.

Mixing R&B elements like rides, or multiple shakers and percussion is a great way to create a certain style of lofi drum patterns.


Ride With Me Drum Pattern - R&B LoFi Drum Patterns

05 Boom Bap LoFi [Boom Bap LoFi Drum Patterns]

This pattern is rooted in Boom Bap beats. The hats give a nice movement and groove. The snares are simple. This gives room to add in a decent amount of kicks for that nice boom bap feel.

Keep the hats low and varied, add in some nice swing, muted kicks, and a crunchy snare and you have a nice lofi beat. A boom bap lofi beat if you will.

Mix up the style of your hi-hats to get different grooves off this one pattern.

Boom Bap LoFi Drum Patterns

Fading Out

All of these patterns were pulled from the LoFi Drum Guide. It's packed patterns, midi, and 300 lofi drums to get you started.

LoFi Drum Guide
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