Horns & Keys Sample Pack [Volume 01]

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Bundle and save: Horns & Keys is one of 10 sample packs in the Volume 01 Bundle.

150 files and 700mb of keys and horns.

We took a couple of our favorite instruments and made a ton of samples for you to use in your production.

  • 25 samples with the horns as the melody and the piano as the chords.
  • 25 samples with the piano as the melody and the horns as the chords.
  • 100 stems total: Each sample contains the stems.

 Of course, all high quality wav files.


4 Benefits Of Our Sample Packs

01. Finish Your Beats In Less Time
Chords & Melodies designed to drag + drop in any DAW.

02. Made For Mixing & Mastering
Minimally processed makes our samples designed for easy chopping and looping as well as mixing and mastering.

03. Get Creative
Evolve your sound and generate new ideas with drag and drop melodies and chords.

04. Make More Money
All our sample packs are royalty-free: No points, publishing, royalties, or strings attached.

Bundle and save: Horns & Keys is one of 10 sample packs in the Volume 01 Bundle.

The Details

These are digital products (.wav) you download right after purchase (or a later time - we'll email you link you can access forever).

Use the beats/sounds for your own creations as you see fit. These can be for profit or not. There's no limit on streaming numbers, downloads, views, performances, rights, etc. You can use what you purchase here in perpetuity without any usage reporting. Everything is 100% Royalty Free.


 Works In Any DAW

    Q + A

    How do I download my files after purchase?
    Immediately after your purchase you'll be shown a download link. We'll also email you the link so you'll always have it.

    Where do you get these sounds?
    These sounds were professionally recorded in our studio (Brooklyn stand up!). All original.

    Do I Need Special Software To Use This? 

    Nope, all you need is a DAW such as FL Studio, Apple Logic Pro or any other DAW.

    Are the sounds royalty free?
    Yes, every sound is 100% royalty free.

    What does 100% royalty free mean? Is there such a thing as 50% royalty free?
    Maybe 50% royalty free isn't a thing but what we mean is you own these sounds once you buy them. Some sites claim to be royalty free and they're not. For example you can sell a beat with their samples and not owe them any money - unless you sell a certain amount (like 10,000) then you owe them (always read the fine print). A lot of other sites have strings attached.

    We don't have fine print and no strings attached. Go Platinum without owing us a thing.

    How long do I have to access my downloads?
    Forever. Simply log in to your account and download again.

    If I have any issue who do I contact?
    You can always email music@rudemuzik with any questions/concerns/feedback