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LoFi Drums | Drum Kit [Volume 01]

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FIVE Drum Crates:

100 Kicks, 100 Snares, 100 Percussion

  • Prospect Punch - Hard Hitting Punchy Drums
  • Greenwood Gritty & Punchy Drums - Lofi Gritty yet Punchy Drums
  • Gowanus Grit & Grime - LoFi vinyl drums with grittiness
  • Flatbush LoFi Drums - Warm, Gritty, and slightly punchy drums
  • Canarsie Crush - Vinyl drums ran through crush processing


These are all single files but here's a few drum loops put together with these sounds:

Product Details

  • Instant download 

  • 100 kicks, 100 Snares, 100 Percussion elements in high quality .wav files ready to drop in and use, or easy to chop and flip.
  • The WAV works in any DAW
  • Wav files are 44k 24 Bit
  • Drums files are 100% Royalty free - you own it. Go platinum without owning us a thing.


4 Benefits Of Our Sample Packs

01. Finish Your Beats In Less Time
Chords & Melodies designed to drag + drop in any DAW.

02. Made For Mixing & Mastering
Minimally processed makes our samples designed for mixing and mastering

03. Get Creative
Evolve your sound and generate new ideas with drag and drop melodies and chords.

04. Make More Money
All our sample packs are royalty-free: No points, publishing, royalties, or strings attached.


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