HipHop Drum Pattern Guide

HipHop Drum Pattern Guide

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Note: This is included in the Hip Hop Drum Guide Bundle


50 Drum Patterns Book | HipHop Drum Beats to Boost Your Creative Output

What's Included?

1. A PDF 100 Drum Patterns to program in your DAW. These are all purpose hiphop drum beats.

2. To go along with the drum guide, included in this purchase is LoFi Drums Vol 01: 100 Kicks, 100 Snares, 100 Percussion.

3. You also get Dumb Chops & Loops Vol. 01. It includes 75 chops and loops plus five drum kits.

A few loops made with the guide and lofi drums:

"Not going lie, this is going to really help me. Thank you so much for this guide💯💯"  - Leroy 


Most Producers Struggle With Productivity

It can be be tough to get an idea out, or getting the drum pattern right. Most producers run into beat block and it's hard to move forward. This far too often happens when trying to get your drums right.

We solved this for hundreds of producers and we can solve it for you. The drum guides give you the answer - the formula if you will - to creating more music in less time.

"Love the samples and the pattern guide was a brilliant idea, it’s really helping me get over the slump I’m in!"  - Archie 



Q + A

How do I download my files after purchase?
Immediately after your purchase you'll be shown a download link to your digital PDF and sample packs. We'll also email you the link so you'll always have it.

Do I Need Special Software To Use This? 

Nope, just a program to read PDFs which is pretty much on any phone, tablet, desktop device. The sample packs work in any DAW such as FL Studio, Apple Logic Pro, Maschine, Abelton, Cubase, Serato Studio, MPC, or any other DAW.

Where do you get these sounds?
These sounds were professionally recorded in our studio (Brooklyn stand up!). All original.

Are the sounds royalty free?
Yes, every sound is 100% royalty free.

What does 100% royalty free mean? Is there such a thing as 50% royalty free?
Maybe 50% royalty free isn't a thing but what we mean is you own these sounds once you buy them. Some sites claim to be royalty free and they're not. For example you can sell a beat with their samples and not owe them any money - unless you sell a certain amount (like 10,000) then you owe them (always read the fine print). A lot of other sites have strings attached.

We don't have fine print and no strings attached. Go Platinum without owing us a thing.

How long do I have to access my downloads?
Forever. Simply log in to your account and download again.

How long do I have to access my downloads?
Forever. Simply log in to your account and download again.

Have a question that's not answered?
Email us at with any questions/concerns/feedback. We typically respond within 24 hours (usually less).

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Customer Reviews

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No More Beat Block

These guides are packed with Inspiration and creativity. You'll never be in a creative rut again.

From our customers


What a guide! i always stuck to a few drum patterns that I liked and didn't really have any other go-to patterns. This guide has been a tremendous help. Definitely recommend it. The lofi drums are sick too!


This is exactly what I needed to take my drums to the next level. It's great using this as a jumping off point to lay something down, then tweak it and experiment.Cannot thank you enough 🙏


Works In Any DAW

What happens when I use this guide?

You'll Get Unstuck

It's common for producers to get stuck and struggle to produce. This guide gets you unstuck.

You'll Finish More Beats

Once you get going on a beat you're more likely to finish that beat.

You'll boost your creativity

Lay a pattern down from the guide and you'll start to tweak it and put your own creative sauce on it.

We solved beat block

No More Beat Block

Many producers get stuck in a creative rut. We solved this problem for hundreds of producers with our drum guides. They give you enough guidance to get started on a beat and get over the creative hurdle.

More Beats. Less Time

Choose from 100+ patterns and program them into your DAW (works with any DAW) and bang out beats. You'll finish way more beats than before.

Dope Drum PatterNS

If you always stick to the same drum patterns and struggle with coming up with new ones, well here's 100+ dope drum patterns for you.


Instant Download

Immediately after your purchase you'll be shown a download link to your digital PDF and drum kits. We'll also email you th link so you'll always have it.


You only need a program to read PDFs which is pretty much any phone, tablet, or desktop. The drum kits work in any DAW

Royalty Free

Yes every sound is 100% royalty free.


You have access to your files forever. Simply log in to your account and download again.


All sounds were professionally recorded and created in our studio in Brooklyn. All original.

Contact with any questions, or concerns.