Free Trap Drum Loops [Made For 2020]

Trap Drum Loops [Made For 2021]

Trap Drum Loops

Looking for trap drum loops? Got them right here for the low. Trap drum loops. 48 of them.

free trap drum loops rapper
Photographer: Chase Fade | Source: Unsplash

What Is Trap?

Trap is the sound nowadays and it’s what many music producers are moving towards and creating. Hard hitting, window rattling 808’s. Snare rolls that take the beat from cool to ”YoooOoooooooOOoOOo!!”

Trap started in the south, mainly in Atlanta. It leans on 808s with a long delay (glide), intricate hi-hat patterns, synths with an atmospheric sound, and synthesized drums. Overall the sound is dark and melancholy, but not sad ( if that makes sense).

Some of the common instruments include pianos, strings, and many other orchestra sounds including choirs.

It started in the late 90’s but really gained traction in the early 2000’s and around 2010 crossed over into mainstream popularity.

It eventually grew bigger than hip hop and moved into R&B and more general electronic music and spurned sub genres such as Latin Trap.

Needless to say it ‘s quite popular.

And the sound is all grounded in the drum loops.

So we wanted to help and put our contribution to trap by offering a set of low-priced trap drum loops.

And these are all original trap drum loops. Not recycled like most sample packs out there. All original.

Download right away or later. We'll send an email with a link to your loops.

Overall catchy beats that make you bounce and make the screw face at the same time.

Or if you’re like me, just play it real cool and nod your head with little attitude.

Either way, trap is the sound people are feeling today.

And if you’re a producer you need to knock out trap drum loops to get your trap beat going.

Here’s an example of these free trap drum loops with some melodies and chords layered in.

trap drum loops sample

If you’re looking for melodies like the above you can cop those in our Vibes Sample Pack.

Bang. You can start making trap bangers right away. Drag and drop these in your DAW and get busy building that beat.

What Can You Do With These Trap Drum Loops?

Add in melodies to take it to the next level. Start with these trap drum loops and layer in melodies to make it your own beat. Add in special FX like sirens, alarms, horror fx.

Use the Vibes Sample Pack to make sounds in the likes of Travis Scott’s Astroworld.

Take the trap drum loops and melodies from that pack and off you go making the next [insert your producer name here]’s Astroworld.

Layer in one-shots if you want to have some bangers that don’t really rely on melodies. Drop in horn stabs, or key riffs to make your beat stand out.

One shots chops, ambient fx, cinema fx, horn stabs, key riffs, bell hits all make your trap beats and tracks stand out.

Check out the Trap Drum Loops.