Sync License Resources: best places to learn about getting a sync license

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Sync License Resources: best places to learn about getting a sync license

A sync license is becoming the key for music producers. It used to be getting a placements on an artist album was the holy grail. If you got on a a major album you made it. Let the offers roll in, let the dollars circulate.

It’s a little different now. Those offers don't hit like they used to. If you do get a major placement that doesn’t equate to your email being flooded with offers.

It’s different times.

The good news though is there's more opportunity than ever for musicians to make money and grow their brand. So fire up your DAW, get your drums tight, and start producing - there's a lot of content creators who need your music.

Music Is Needed Everywhere

The number of places music is played has changed. It’s no longer streams on Apple Music and Spotify, or CD sales (if you’re older).

With the increase in content, the need for good music is everywhere. And a sync license is becoming the hottest ticket in town.

There’s the obvious places: popular TV shows and Movies.

And there’s the new areas of content coming up: Podcasts, popular YouTube shows, popular Facebook shows., video games, apps, and commercials to name a few.

With so much content being consumed, even lesser know TV shows get wide exposure.

A sync license is a great way for a musician to generate income and awareness.

Places To Get A Sync License

To recap, some of the areas you can get a music sync license:

  1. TV Shows
  2. Movies
  3. Video Games
  4. Trailers
  5. Commercials and Advertisements
  6. Podcasts
  7. Documentaries
  8. Social Media Videos
  9. Apps

Lots of opportunity here to make some good money. And if you're a sample based producer make sure you understand the royalty situation with your sample packs.

So, where do you learn about this stuff? We put together a few resources across the internet to help you stay up on your sync game. These range from social accounts to blogs, and YouTube.

Check them out, subscribe, bookmark and follow.

Learn About Sync License on Social

Gummy Beatz

Gummy Beatz

Gummy Beatz has been in the sync licensing game for over 10 years and has over 3000 placements including Pepsi, NFL, ESPN, and NBA TV.

He runs Producer Power and has a number of courses including the TV Licensing Mastermind. In this 90 minute course he breaks down how to get syncs, where to look, the ins and outs of the business all with screen shares and a bonus list of 50 libraries and emails of music supervisors.

You can follow Gummy Beats on Instagram and Gummy Beatz on Twitter

Lamont Graves

Lamont Graves
Lamont Graves runs the Graves Firm Session - a site dedicated to helping producers navigate the music industry. He offers a number of sessions that break down everything from music publishing to sync licensing. Their live and interactive, no pre-recorded sessions.

A unique one he offers is breaking down how producers can get paid off of instrumental only. Perfect for producers who just love making beats but don’t want to work with artists.

Spots are usually limited and they're offered occasionally so check the site for updates

Or you can follow Lamont Graves on Instagram where he'll keep you updated on upcoming sessions. Even if you're not interested, he's worth the follow as he drops sync license and music business gems daily.


Clint Music

Clint Music

A music producer, composer, and songwriter with  credits including A&E, VH1, and BET Clint offers a number of services including critiques and consultations.

He hosts an online session called #RoadTo10Placements. In this session you’ll learn about music licensing business, how to pitch your music, and how to produce music with potential for high placement. You’ll also hear examples of tracks that get placed on TV.

Clintmusic on Instagram is well worth the follow.


Blogs That Cover Sync License

CD Baby

CD Baby is a global music distribution service. It has a great blog covering a number of topics. One of those is Music Rights Blog where they cover all aspects of music publishing, making money from it, and all the legal ins and outs of the music publishing business.

A couple great blogs to get started:

All your music revenue sources (and how to collect the money).

Music publishing explained



Songtrust is the world’s largest global royalty collection service. Their blog is super informative and highlights individuals in the music publishing and sync license business.

They offer a resources section with a ton of downloadable content including the creator royalty checklist and a lyric sheet.

I suggest starting with free Music Publishing 101 Session.



Sync License On Youtube


Taxi is a service that connect musicians with music industry decision makers. In addition they also provide professional feedback. So they help you create great music and get that music to the right people.

It’s a service you have to pay for but the Taxi’s Youtube channel is a great peek in the behind the scene of the process. You can hear what people are submitting and whether or not they got approved.


More Places To Learn About Getting A Sync License

We'll keep this page updated as we come across more resources. Make sure to bookmark it, or better yet: sign up for our newsletter:




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