10 Of The Best Drum Sample Packs You'll Find Today

10 Of The Best Drum Sample Packs You'll Find Today

With so many drum sample packs out there, it reminds me of a Sticky Fingaz line from the underrated and slept on track Shut Em Down (remix) by Onyx:

With so many wack rappers out here I don’t no where to aim at!

With so many drum sample packs out there you might not even no where to start downloading.

But don’t worry, I created a list of ten banger drum sample packs that’ll fuel up your arsenal.

Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer - Load up Your Drum Sample Pack
Photographer: Steve Harvey | Source: Unsplash

Let’s get into it:

1. LoFi Drums Vol. 01 [Drum Sample Pack]

It almost doesn’t get any more pure than this. 100 kicks, 100 snares, 100 percussion all with a lofi sound.

This has all the lofi goodness. Crunchy, gritty, warm, analog, vinyl, tape, and crushed. Nothing but lofi love over here.

And you can get the Hip Hop Drum Pattern guide to go along with the LoFi Drums for free (see the bottom of this post).

lofi Drum Sample Pack

2. Young Chop 808’s

Young chop is a an ill producer credited with making the Drill sound of trap. Check out his 808 pack for a variet of 808s with a range of tone, depth, and feel.

As a bonus, here’s a video of Young Chop making a beat with one of his sample packs.

And if you’re looking for 808’s check out the Vibes Sample Pack. It’s has rich multi layered samples along with plenty of drums and 808’s.

Young Chop Kit

3. 808 Warfare

If you’re looking for 808’s this drum sample pack is a good place to start. Producer’s Choice puts together nice drum sample packs and here is one of them with nothing but 808 sounds.

808 Drum Kit


An exclusive to Serato Studio this kit includes 8 drum kits and 30 samples. The drums are amazing in this pack and have a wide range of styles all created by Just Blaze himself.

If you haven’t checked out Serato Studio, I recommend it especially if you’re a sample based producer.

Just Blaze Sound Pack


Of course we have to put this one at number 5. The best part it’s basically a free drum sample pack since you get a $5 gift card to go with it.

If you’re looking at sample packs and not sure where to start, this is a great starting point. Here’s what you get:

5 808 One Shots
5 808 Basslines
5 Kicks
5 Snares
5 Hats
5 Lofi Drum Loops
5 Trap Drum Loops
5 Beats
5 Lofi Chill Beats
5 Minor Midi Chords

and a $5 gift card so it’s basically a free sample pack.

I Got 5 On It Drum Sample Pack

6. Hats Off (Hi-Hat Loops & One Shots) by Illmind

When we think about drum sample packs we usually think about kicks, snares, one-shots, and riffs. And oh yeah some hats.

Too often we overlook hats and their importance. So this is pretty dope that Illmind created a whole kit dedicated to the hats. Hats do a lot to dictate the groove, feel, and bounce. Now here’s a whole drum sample pack dedicated to the hats.

Hats Off Hi -Hats Only Pack by Illmind

7. VIBES Drum Sample Packs [Volume 01]

Vibes is packed with multi-layered samples, drums, one-shots, and of course 808’s. It’s the complete sample pack. Best of all it’s all created together and not random sounds thrown together.

The drums were custom made to fit the vibes feel and aesthetic. If you’re looking for something a drum sample pack and want to make sure you get plenty bang for your buck, this is the one to go with.

8. Dusty Crates Drum Sample Packs

Another Serato Studio pack, this one is packed with vintage drums and melodic loops to make lofi beats and boom bap beats. Made from a variety of producers including Decap, MSXII Sound Design, Goldbaby, and Komorebi Audio.

Dusty Crates Drum Sound Pack

9. The Official 9th Wonder Drum Kit - 9th Wonder Treats

Now this list is in no particular order. So it only makes sense to put a 9th Wonder kit at number 9. An older one but 9th Wonder’s beats and drums are timeless. Best of all, this drum sample pack is free.

It’s a great sample pack to start with. 9th is an elite producer with range, a coveted snare sound, and responsible for some of the best hip hop tracks out there.

9th Wonder Drum Treats


We’re suckers for island sounds so when you mix that with trap, we’re all in. Filled with midi loops, one shots, and music loops, this is a unique twist on the trap subgenre.

Trap Island Drum Sample Pack

Hip Hop Drum Pattern Guide

Now that you have drum sample packs to boost your production, check out the Hip Hop Drum Pattern Guide. 120 drum patterns for hip hop and trap. As a bonus it comes with the LoFi Drums mentioned in this post.

drum pattern guide plus lofi drums


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