Zero Percent Writer's Share

Zero Percent Writer's Share, Royalty Free Beats

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Zero Percent Writer's Share

We take zero percent in writer's share and we're proud of that.

We get it, some producers want a part of the share. Totally makes sense and we support it.

But we wanted to create music that helps creator's create. At first we thought about taking less than the typical 50%. That would be fair right?

But the more we thought about it, the more we settled in on 0%. It helps creator's make music without worrying about any of the legal hassle.

We wanted a product that people felt helped them strive and grow without worrying about small print and limiting their growth.

Royalty free. Stems. MIDI. Unlimited use and zero strings attached.

We want to see creators strive and grow.

So we keep our hands out of your pocket.

Let's Get it.

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